Grant Access Remotely to Save Time & Money

Schedule Access

Tenants like scheduled events, like when the plumber will arrive to unclog the toilet. Everyone is busy and no one likes to have their time wasted with waiting around to make sure someone gets in to do their job. Being able to control who gets into the building and when is a big deal for security as well. Molly, Anne Arundel Acres’ intrepid property manager, always worried about handing out keys to tradesmen and service providers and not getting them back. Once a tradesmen has a key, he can access the building at any time and Molly will never know if he came back when he wasn’t supposed to. After all, it’s not that hard to duplicate a key.

With pdqSMART, scheduling access is easy and secure. Molly defines when the user needs to gain access to the building or unit (the day, the time and for how long) when she creates the access rule. She creates rules for all her service contractors that define when they have access and when they don’t. No more surprises when the plumber randomly shows up. Now, everyone’s happy, especially the tenant.

See the many other ways pdqSMART makes Molly a hero to her boss and her tenants!

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Properties run better with pdqSMART

  • Turn tenant's smartphones into keys.
  • Share access easily with service technicians, and delivery services.
  • Manage building operations, onsite or remotely from a smartphone.
  • Upgrading is easy, smart locks mount in the same holes as existing locks.
  • No big budget, no hard wiring, no IT servers required.
  • Smart locks are future-proofed, so they never become obsolete.
  • Terrific opportunity for RMR.

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